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Our ever loved, Mangalore Ghee Roast Masala

  • Natasha

    Bafat Masala is a quintessential spice mix found in every Mangalorian (especially catholic) home. Lilly Aunty's Bafat Masala is simply the best! It's so authentic and fresh that it tastes and smells exactly like my grandmothers freshly ground homemade Bafat masala.
    This masala is very versatile and can be used to make yummy vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
    This is the only thing my Chef Daddy stocked during the lockdown :)

    A must try!

  • Raj

    I have been craving ghee roast ever since I went Vegan. I have prepared this twice once with oil and the other with Vegan ghee. Ofcourse Vegan Ghee gives that extra ghee flavor. but both the versions are spot on.
    I have made them with mixture of Jackfruit & mushrooms and its excellent I made in Small quantities. Now I am on Diet so after 3 months will order and try it with Soy chaap, & so many other meat substitutes available even with Bread fruit.
    Again thanks for keeping it Vegan. I think you can put Vegan label on the product.

  • Prasanna

    Possibly the best collection of non-veg pickles! You can just toss them in a salad, with some basic dressing and you have a sumptuous meal ready! Makes for the perfect ingredient for even plain daal and rice!